2020 Election Will Determine Whether China Wins or Loses by Unleashing the Coronavirus

2020 Election Will Determine Whether China Wins or Loses by Unleashing the Coronavirus

Even in Western Europe, long committed to engaging and conciliating rather than confronting China, COVID has generated an anti-China backlash, more muted on the continent but stronger in Britain where British Prime Minister Boris Johnson joined President Trump in imposing a complete ban on Chinese 5G vendor Huawei.

President Trump’s predecessor foolishly and dangerously said, “We welcome China’s rise,” and significantly shrank American defense spending — including our Ground-based Midcourse Defense System (GMD), the only U.S. missile defense system devoted to defending the U.S. homeland from long-range ballistic missile attacks — while China was armed prodigiously.

President Trump’s salutary hectoring for our allies to do more — yielding impressive results in Europe that President Obama and Vice President Biden failed to match — also runs the risk of reaching a culminating point counterproductive to forging a muscular strategic consensus actively countering China’s ambitions.

On the contrary, former Sen. Biden had moved steadily in a more dovish direction on national security even before becoming President Obama’s vice president and cheerleading for Obama’s dangerous doctrine that President Trump has repudiated in its entirety.

Will a Biden administration also — like President Trump’s — designate China’s grandiose ambitions and predatory behavior as danger number one and bolster our protective capabilities such as missile defense (as the President’s latest budget does)?

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