800-Pound Hammer Missing from California Community Center

800-Pound Hammer Missing from California Community Center

A California community is trying to recover a massive 800-pound hammer sculpture after it mysteriously went missing without a trace Friday night.

The gigantic hammer valued at $15,000 had been a temporary art installation in front of the city of Healdsburg’s community center since May.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported that the handle alone is a 21-foot-long piece of wood, and the six-foot-tall head contains steel mixed in with other metals.

“(The thieves) uprooted the stand it was on and dragged it across the parking lot and probably put it on a truck, using a crane,” Healdsburg officer Darryl Erkel told the Press Democrat.

The city requests that anyone who has information on the hammer’s whereabouts call the Healdsburg Police at 707-431-3377.

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