ACLU Comment on Nomination of New CIA Director

ACLU Comment on Nomination of New CIA Director

WASHINGTON — Following his selection of Mike Pompeo as the new secretary of state, President Trump today nominated Gina Haspel to succeed Pompeo as director of the CIA.

She was up to her eyeballs in torture, both in running a secret torture prison in Thailand and carrying out an order to cover up torture crimes by destroying videotapes.

One man held at the secret prison she ran was waterboarded 83 times, slammed against walls, sleep deprived, and locked in a coffin-like box.

After she was promoted to a position back at CIA headquarters, she worked to destroy evidence of the torture crimes committed at the prison she ran.

“An additional concern that the Senate must address is whether Haspel has the independence needed for a CIA director, since she has never left the agency.

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