Afghanistan Lies at the Heart of Turmoil in the World

Afghanistan Lies at the Heart of Turmoil in the World

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani presented his country to the 2020 United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday as a nation that has borne more than its share of turmoil and suffering, in everything from economic disruptions and climate change to the coronavirus pandemic and terrorism.

Ghani listed the five great current sources of global turmoil as the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the “fourth Industrial Revolution” of the digital era, the “fifth wave of global terrorism,” climate change, and the “explosion of inequality.”

“The Covid-19 [Chinese coronavirus] pandemic has done for us what World War II did for generations before us,” Ghani said.

“The untold sorrow of the Afghan people, particularly our women and children, during the last 40 years serves as a reminder of the relevance of the U.N. charter and also of its unfulfilled promise of maintaining international peace and security,” Ghani said, delivering a considerably more dour assessment of the U.N.’s performance than most speakers at the General Assembly.

As for the “explosion of inequality,” Ghani said only that Afghanistan is “focusing on human capital and human security to create the equality of opportunities for our fellow citizens and societal stability for our people.”

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