Afghanistan to Free 900 Taliban Terrorists This Week

Afghanistan to Free 900 Taliban Terrorists This Week

The Afghan government will release 900 Taliban terrorists by the end of Tuesday, sources in Afghanistan’s National Security Council told Khaama Press on Tuesday.

On Sunday, President Ashraf Ghani promised to release a total of 2,000 Taliban members from prison in response to a “goodwill gesture” by the Taliban, who ordered a reportedly unexpected three-day ceasefire in Afghanistan during the Islamic Eid al-Fitr holiday this past weekend.

On Saturday, President Ghani asked for members of Afghan security forces currently held by the Taliban to be released in return.

On February 29, the U.S. agreed to a peace deal with the Taliban that called for a “confidence-building measure” in the form of a mutual prisoner exchange between the jihadis and the Afghan government.

The exchange calls for the Afghan government to eventually release a total of 5,000 Taliban prisoners and for the jihadis to release 1,000 Afghan security force members.

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