Album Released for 'Transgender' and ‘Nonbinary’ Children as Young as 2

Album Released for 'Transgender' and ‘Nonbinary’ Children as Young as 2

Proponents of children questioning and even changing their biological sex have produced a musical compilation dubbed Trans and Nonbinary Kids Mix to benefit a summer camp in New Hampshire that caters to parents who believe young children can choose their gender.

So the stuck-at-home campers would feel connected, Be and Rose put out an open call for songs that reflect the trans and nonbinary experience, use gender neutral pronouns or use humor to talk about gender.

Together, they curated an album of children’s music called Trans & Nonbinary Kids Mix.

“I would say in general, if a parent is uncomfortable with talking about anything big like this, like how a kid identifies, you are missing a big opportunity to connect with your child, to love your child and support your child.

We put out a call for songs that: -reflect the trans/nonbinary experience -use gender neutral pronouns -sound like an ally anthem -use humor to talk about gender -smash the concept of the gender binary -talk about intersecting identities -speak to kids in elementary or middle school

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