Alleged kingpins spared from Philippines' war on drugs

Alleged kingpins spared from Philippines' war on drugs

PHILIPPINES prosecutors have set aside complaints against several suspected drug kingpins, citing lack of evidence to bring them to trial.

“We are mindful of the zealous intention of the complainant to eliminate the illegal drug menace prevalent in our country today, and it is public knowledge that this fight has taken numerous lives,” a Department of Justice panel said in a ruling seen by Reuters, dated Dec 20 last year, but not made public.

According to the Inquirer wealthy Cebu businessman Peter Lim, President Duterte’s kumpadre (wedding cosponsor), and several other suspected high-profile drug personalities were exonerated by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a drug trafficking case filed by the police last year.

“However,… ‘judges, prosecutors and law enforcers are reminded that in the performance of their duties, they should act with circumspection,’” it added.

The DOJ said law enforcement agencies should “gather more concrete and competent evidence proving that respondents and other individuals are indeed involved in illegal drugs trade.”

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