America Is World's 'Most Disappointing Country'

America Is World's 'Most Disappointing Country'

Chinese people voted the U.S. “the most disappointing country” in the world for its response to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, according to an opinion poll conducted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) newspaper Global Times, which published a report on the findings on Friday.

“1,568 respondents across ten Chinese cities, participated in the opinion poll themed ‘public anticipation of economic life after the pandemic,’ conducted by the poll center of the Global Times,” the article said.

Only a small minority of the participants, 4.9 percent, expressed their disappointment with China’s battle against [the Wuhan corona]virus,” the newspaper claimed.

China’s poll follows shortly after the Pew Research Center found that Taiwanese nationals prefer the U.S. to China by a “nearly two-to-one margin” in a survey released on May 12.

According to Pew’s report, the DPP asserts that Taiwanese national identity remains distinct from Chinese identity and supports increased political ties with the U.S. over China.

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