App Users Need to Come to Our Paywalled Site Instead

App Users Need to Come to Our Paywalled Site Instead

The New York Times has reportedly removed its articles from the Apple News app, citing that the relationship “does not fit” with what the paper calls a “healthy model.” The Times hopes instead to drive readers to paywalled content on its site.

Engadget reports the articles from the New York Times are no longer appearing in the Apple News apps which aggregates news from multiple different sources into one app.

Some have criticized the Apple News app, as unlike other news aggregators which redirect users to publishers’ websites to read articles, instead keeps readers inside the app.

According to the New York Times, this goes against the newspaper’s goal of building direct relationships with paying readers.

The NYT is one of the first media organizations to leave the Apple News app and was never part of the Apple News+ paid subscription service.

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