As Canada legalizes pot, other countries likely to follow

As Canada legalizes pot, other countries likely to follow

The government announced late last year that medical marijuana would be allowed, and the country is due to hold a national referendum by 2020 on whether to legalize and regulate adult use of marijuana.

“That they've agreed to have a referendum shows how far the debate has come in New Zealand,” says Steve Rolles, a senior policy analyst at Transform, a global drug law reform organization based in England.

“It's likely they'll be debating legislation to regulate their national cannabis market next year.”

South Africa's Supreme Court ruled last month that adults can use marijuana and grow it for personal consumption - in private.

For decades the U.S. required other nations to co-operate in the drug war or risk losing foreign aid, even as some Latin American countries wracked by violence criticized America for failing to curb its appetite for cocaine, marijuana and other drugs.

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