Astronauts safe after failed rocket launch, emergency bail-out

Astronauts safe after failed rocket launch, emergency bail-out

Two astronauts had to make an emergency landing Thursday after the rocket that was supposed to carry them to the International Space Station puttered out mid-flight.

American Nick Hague and Russian Aleksey Ovchinin were en route to the ISS when the secondary booster rocket on the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft they were in malfunctioned, forcing the two to abort the mission and parachute in a vessel back to the ground.

Russian Soyuz are currently the only vehicle used to carry astronauts to the orbiting Space Station, after the U.S. retired its space shuttle fleet.

Last month, the current ISS crew discovered a hole in the vessel that Russia claims was drilled deliberately.

“I strongly believe we’re going to get the right answer to what caused the hole on the International Space Station and that together we’ll be able to continue our strong collaboration,” Bridenstine said, as reported by the Associated Press.

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