Austria files lawsuit against Germany over autobahn ‘foreigner tolls’

Austria files lawsuit against Germany over autobahn ‘foreigner tolls’

The government in Vienna is now taking legal action before the European Court of Justice against a car toll in Germany planned for 2019.

When Germany’s upper house of parliament (Bundesrat) in March approved a controversial law imposing tolls on the country’s famous autobahns (motorways), Austria immediately objected, saying it discriminates against foreign drivers and announcing it would file a legal challenge.

Austria - a country where it is estimated that 1.8 million commuters would be affected by Germany's autobahn tolls - is now taking legal action against its larger neighbour.

Whereas residents in Germany will have to pay a yearly toll through their bank accounts, unlike foreign drivers German-registered drivers will essentially be refunded thanks to a matching reduction on their motor vehicle tax bill.

Though Austria is one of the toughest critics of the proposed toll, neighbouring countries such as Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands have objected as well, previously stating that they, too, would consider taking Germany to the European Court of Justice.

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