Beirut's Port Partially Opens, Thousands Remain Homeless

Beirut's Port Partially Opens, Thousands Remain Homeless

Economic Minister Raoul Nehme said on social media that 12 of the 16 cranes at the port are operating in an effort to give Beirut some economic life again.

The current death toll from the explosions remained at 220 Wednesday with some 6,000 people injured and 300,000 homeless from the damage.

Meanwhile, a new CCTV video from St. George’s University Medical Center in Beirut was released, showing people trying to escape moments before the major blasts, where blinding smoke immediately blankets the camera.

The video shows patients and medical staff running for cover as the explosion roars through doors and windows.

The country had been mired in a major economic crisis before the blast, with protesters demanding answers to the falling value of its currency.

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