Billionaire’s Trump impeachment push grows in midterm run-up

Billionaire’s Trump impeachment push grows in midterm run-up

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer claims to be building a juggernaut political operation in support of impeaching President Trump, rallying the base and creating a "digital army" in support of ousting the president even as Democratic lawmakers remain publicly divided over the issue.

“We’re not going away,” Kevin Mack, the lead strategist at Need to Impeach, told Fox News.

Steyer's goal to at least launch impeachment proceedings depends on Democrats claiming control of the House next month.

Mack said Need to Impeach’s research found 78 percent of Democrats support impeaching the president and of the campaign’s petition signers, almost 20 percent identified as either moderates or strong Republicans.

“Tom Steyer is using his fortune to make sure Democratic leaders are forced by the progressive base of the party to try and impeach the president,” David Avella, chairman of the Republican organization GOPAC, told Fox News.

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