Book publisher claims it has identified D.B. Cooper

Book publisher claims it has identified D.B. Cooper

A 1973 drawing of D. B. Cooper who became a legend when he jumped out of a Northwest Airlines Boeing 727 with $200,000 in ransom money between Seattle and Portland, Ore. Cooper hasn't been heard of since; however, some $5,880 of the loot was found along the Columbian River in 1980.

Grand Rapids-based Principia Media says Cooper was a former military paratrooper named Walter R. Reca — the latest in a long string of people to be publicly linked to the crime over the years.

A press release from the publisher said it worked with Reca's best friend, Carl Laurin, in compiling evidence.

The audio recordings, created in 2008, include Reca discussing skyjacking details that were not known to the public prior to the FBI’s information release in 2015," the press release says.

Principia Media said it plans to produce evidence at a press conference Thursday at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids linking the crime to Reca, including:

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