Canada's largest cannabis company is testing CBD for pets

Canada's largest cannabis company is testing CBD for pets

The Veterinary Drug Directorate of Health Canada has recently approved for Canopy Growth, Canada’s largest cannabis company, to research how effective cannabidiol is for treating anxiety in certain animals.

A division of Canopy Health, called Canopy Animal Health (CAH), will conduct the research.

CAH focuses on creating cannabis-based healthcare products for pets and other companion animals.

Executive vice-president and chief scientific officer for CAH, Dana M. Vaughn, said that CBD is becoming more common in remedies for ailments in pets and that this is the first time a company has sought regulatory approval at the federal level to add the substance to pet food.

“Our passion to create safe and effective products for animals is driven by the love we share for our pets,” said Marc Wayne, Managing Director of Canopy Health Innovations.

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