China Accuses Apple of 'Guiding Hong Kong Thugs'

China Accuses Apple of 'Guiding Hong Kong Thugs'

China has criticized tech giant Apple for allowing an app that tracks Hong Kong police and protests on the iPhone app store.

The Chinese Communist Party newspaper accused Apple of “guiding Hong Kong thugs” by making the app available.

The New York Post reports that tech giant Apple has come under criticism from China over an app that allows users to track the location of Hong Kong protests and police activity.

The app, which Breitbart News reported recently was removed from the app store, was returned after a backlash from Apple customers and supporters of free speech, to the displeasure of the communist Chinese government.

Now the Chinese Communist Party’s main newspaper has criticized Apple with the People’s Daily stating that the was designed by an outside supplier and available on Apple’s online store and that it “facilitates illegal behavior.” The People’s Daily questioned if Apple was “guiding Hong Kong thugs.”

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