China Pushes ‘Health Silk Road’ to Take over Global Health Care

China Pushes ‘Health Silk Road’ to Take over Global Health Care

On March 21, a team of Chinese medical experts arrived in Serbia to help with the country’s efforts to fight COVID-19.

“We will introduce China’s experience in fighting the epidemic to Italy,” Yang said.

Zhang, who is also the president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, disclosed that some academic institutions in South Korea, Japan, and Italy have sent letters to China asking it to share its experience in fighting COVID-19 and its use of TCM, and asking China to provide Chinese patent medicines.

The Belt and Road Initiative introduced the world to China’s strategy of debt colonialism, in which the political elite of Third World countries were persuaded to take out gigantic loans from Chinese banks to finance dubious infrastructure projects that could never pay for themselves.

Now China is testing out virus colonialism – using the coronavirus epidemic it unleashed as leverage to gain control of foreign health care systems, build up political influence and financial leverage, and sell itself as the solution to a problem it created.

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