China Received ‘Befitting Reply’ to Invasion

China Received ‘Befitting Reply’ to Invasion

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a radio interview on Sunday that a “befitting reply” has been given to invaders who “covet our territories,” referring to the hand-to-hand battle on June 15 along the contested Indian-Chinese border in which at least 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese troops were killed.

The Chinese Foreign and Defense Ministries have both released statements blaming India for sending patrols into Chinese territory.

The Defense Ministry statement said India bears “full responsibility for the incident that was solely and completely triggered by its breach of consensus and unilateral provocations” and insisted Modi’s government “severely punish” the Indian troops responsible.

The Economic Times of India reported on Monday that India’s allies – including France, Israel, Russia, and the United States – are “pitching in with commitments to deliver urgently needed weapons and ammunition.”

Israel is sending an air defense system to be deployed along the Ladakh border, augmenting a Russian S-400 system that has already been deployed in the area.

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