China's Oldest Gay Pride Parade in Shanghai Canceled

China's Oldest Gay Pride Parade in Shanghai Canceled

ShanghaiPRIDE, which organizes the event each summer, said in a statement posted to its official WeChat social media account on Thursday that it was “canceling all upcoming activities and taking a break from scheduling any future events.”

Shanghai recorded 16 new coronavirus cases on Friday, marking the eleventh consecutive day the city has recorded new coronavirus cases, according to the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times.

In recent years, censors have muted discussions on social media, banned homosexuality in films, and even prevented the sale of rainbow-themed items online,” according to HKFP.

In 2017, CCP censors cracked down on authors of danmei, a genre of gay online fiction officially banned by the Communist Party.

In 2017, a 38-year-old gay man in central China’s Henan province successfully sued a mental hospital in the city of Zhumadian over forced gay conversion therapy.

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