'China's Work on Ethnic Affairs Has Been Successful'

'China's Work on Ethnic Affairs Has Been Successful'

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping applauded Communist Party officials in remarks this weekend for making western Xinjiang province, home to over 1,000 concentration camps for ethnic minorities, “united, harmonious, prosperous, and culturally advanced.”

Xi emphasized “education on the sense of Chinese identity,” meaning Communist Party policies to eradicate Uyghur language and culture and replace them in schools with Mandarin language instruction, the dominant language of the Han ethnic people in northeastern China, and Communist Party indoctrination.

“Xi pointed out that the original aspiration and mission of the Party is to seek happiness for the Chinese people, including people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, including various ethnic groups in Xinjiang,” according to Xinhua.

Later that year, Xi delivered a speech against all alleged separatist movements seeking to break with Beijing, which would include Uyghur separatists seeking to establish Xinjiang as the independent state of East Turkestan as well as the sovereign nation of Taiwan, which the Communist Party falsely claims as a rogue province.

The Chinese state routinely defends its policy independent of personal statements from Xi through its many state media arms and, occasionally, through published human rights “white papers” that conclude the Communist Party has brought extreme joy and satisfaction to the Uyghur people.

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