Chinese journalist missing after live streami...

Chinese journalist missing after live streami...

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Chen Qiushi (???), a Chinese citizen journalist who published critical reports on the new coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan has reportedly gone missing since Feb. 6 — causing speculation that he may have been silenced by the Chinese government.

Also a lawyer, Chen has not been seen since Feb. 6 and was reported missing a day later, the same day Chinese whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang (???) lost his life to the disease.

He said that Chen is not able to communicate, but he could not reveal any more information for fear of being punished by the Chinese authorities.

A Wuhan citizen previously interviewed by Chen said he had heard from Wuhan authorities that Chen is being monitored at an undisclosed location.

Many Chinese have expressed anger toward the Chinese government and demanded the immediate release of the activist journalist, reported Liberty Times.

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