College Offers Credit Course on ‘Queering’ the Bible

College Offers Credit Course on ‘Queering’ the Bible

A college course that plans to teach students how the Bible can be interpreted through “queer theory” will be offered at Pomona College in the 2019 spring semester.

The private college in Claremont, California is offering the one-credit “Religious Studies” course, titled “Queer Theory and the Bible,” by instructor Erin Runions, the chair of the Religious Studies department at Pomona College.

Pomona student Daniel Silverman told Campus Reform the course meets the high demand at the school for classes that contain topics representative of left-wing ideology.

“As I see it, ‘Queer Theory and the Bible,’ and other similar classes related to gender theory, exist because there is a high demand among students to enroll in those courses.”

Silverman added a thought that if the course were to be “co-taught with a conservative professor,” he thinks “fewer Pomona students would enroll in it than otherwise, as students on campus, in general, don’t seem interested in learning from conservative professors.”

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