Commentary: How to win the abortion debate

Commentary: How to win the abortion debate

But even if Judge Kavanaugh were to side with the court’s four other conservatives to reverse Roe v. Wade, it wouldn’t mean abortion would suddenly disappear.

All Roe guarantees is that states cannot ban abortions; overturning Roe v. Wade would not cause an immediate rejection of abortion.

For decades, the abortion debate has focused on “women’s rights,” but, in most circumstances, abortion has absolutely nothing to do with the rights of women.

Although many opponents of abortion are religious and are motivated in part by religious convictions, myself included, it’s essential to keep religious beliefs out of the debate for a few important reasons: (1) tens of millions of Americans no longer assign any value to religion; (2) abortion advocates believe abortion is about individual rights, which means people shouldn’t be subject to the religious beliefs of others; (3) many nonreligious people oppose abortion for other reasons; and (4) even among religious people, there is a wide variety of beliefs, religions, church authorities, etc.

By repeatedly making it clear to those who support abortion that if there is no objective, absolute way of determining when an unborn person becomes a human, then even the most firm abortion supporter can’t say with any certainty he or she knows when life begins, which means that he or she must also admit it’s possible abortion laws permit the unjust taking of a human life.

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