Commentary: To save the homeless, liberals punish the poor

Commentary: To save the homeless, liberals punish the poor

These large businesses will now be forced to pay $275 per employee to the city government, in addition to the numerous other local, state and federal taxes these companies are already required to pay.

What the left refuses to admit, no matter how much evidence is presented, is that government is completely incapable of fixing poverty, and in many cases, it only makes the problem much worse.

Seattle’s newest tax is a perfect example of how liberals’ good intentions end up hurting the poor and working class.

When it comes time to expand business, do you think these companies, many of which are in the technology industry and can easily conduct their operations anywhere in the world, will stay in Seattle, or will they relocate to avoid millions of dollars in additional taxes?

For instance, lower-wage service industry workers in restaurants and coffee shops located near Amazon’s headquarters will suffer if Amazon packs up and leaves town or chooses not to expand to avoid paying Seattle’s new tax.

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