#CovidNazis – UK Police Clamp Down on Rural Dog Walkers

#CovidNazis – UK Police Clamp Down on Rural Dog Walkers

In accordance with these Regulations relevant authorities, including the National Trust, are required to close certain public footpaths during the emergency where it considers that: • (a) such public footpaths will be liable to large numbers of people congregating or being in close proximity to each other, or • (b) the use of such public footpaths poses a high risk to the incidence or spread of infection with the coronavirus.

For years, Britain’s police forces have proved themselves incapable of many things — catching burglars, stopping knife crime, stopping gangs of Muslims raping girls — but when it comes to stopping people popping out for an illicit country stroll, boy, are they on top of the situation.

(This is the same outfit whose male officers in 2017 — according to the Sun — “painted their nails to highlight fears that women trafficked into Britain were being forced to work in nail bars and beauty salons”.)

Here is North Yorkshire Police planning checkpoints to prevent people from travelling to enjoy local beauty spots – and other non-essential journeys.

North Yorkshire police random checkpoints!!

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