Critics Hate Lena Dunham's New HBO Show 'Camping'

Critics Hate Lena Dunham's New HBO Show 'Camping'

Critics almost universally hate Lena Dunham’s new HBO show Camping.

There is a left-wing affirmative action that establishment film and television critics use to aid and abet one of their own, and it is of course based on politics.

Even though fewer than one-percent of the population bothered to tune in, because his politics were “correct,” the media still propped Stewart up as an American phenomenon.

Incredibly, Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls garnered even worse ratings, atrocious ratings, but even with fewer than a million viewers, critics and trend writers also treated her as a cultural phenomenon.

And yet, here we are, just a few years after Girls went off the air, and Dunham’s new show is not only not benefiting from left-wing affirmative action, the knives appear to be out for her.

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