Democrats recruit A-list candidate for Tennessee Senate seat

Democrats recruit A-list candidate for Tennessee Senate seat

In a major recruiting coup, Democrats have successfully recruited popular former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen to run for the Senate seat that is currently occupied by Bob Corker (R).

Bredesen’s entry promises to make the race in a deeply Republican state a competitive one.

Bredesen ran as a moderate Democrat in his first gubernatorial race, and his successful reputation as Nashville mayor and business background allowed him to run with unusual strength in heavily Republican areas of the state.

A recent Middle Tenessee State University poll shows that Bredesen is viewed almost exactly as favorably in the state as Republican front runner Rep. Marsha Blackburn, and much more favorably than all the other potential Republican candidates.

Bredesen has been mentioned as a potential Senate candidate before, but has repeatedly passed on invitations to run for the office, until this year.

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