Democrats Warily Eye Avenatti's Flirtation with 2020 Bid

Democrats Warily Eye Avenatti's Flirtation with 2020 Bid

Some Democratic Party leaders are “warily” eyeing TV Resistance lawyer Michael Avenatti as he gears up for a potential 2020 bid, according to the Associated Press.

Avenatti told the AP the criticism is “being stoked by the Republicans and establishment Democrats that are very nervous about what my intentions are.”

According to the article, Avenatti has been undertaking serious preparation to make a bid in 2020, speaking with Democratic strategists in Washington, and state operatives.

He has been speaking at Democratic Party dinners in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Steve Shurtleff, the top Democrat in the New Hampshire state house, told the AP that Avenatti’s entrance into the Kavanaugh confirmation process helped it become a “three-ring circus.”

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