Dick Durbin to GOP: 'Be Unafraid of Breitbart'

Dick Durbin to GOP: 'Be Unafraid of Breitbart'

The Democratic Party’s leading amnesty advocate in the Senate is urging Republicans to “be unafraid of Breitbart” and to oppose the President’s enforcement of popular border laws.

Sen. Dick Durbin Tweeted Thursday:

Durbin is now pushing to reduce enforcement of popular anti-migration laws by stigmatizing the arrest of migrants as “reprehensible and shameful” because officers are also forced by law to shelter the children of migrants separately from the migrants in detention centers.

The Trump Administration can try to hide the faces of these separated children and their grief stricken mothers, but it won’t work.

— Senator Dick Durbin (@SenatorDurbin) June 20, 2018

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