Disney CEO Bob Iger Admits ESPN Became Too Political

Disney CEO Bob Iger Admits ESPN Became Too Political

Asked how ESPN has changed in the past year, Iger told the Hollywood Reporter that Jimmy Pitaro — the longtime Disney executive who replaced John Skipper as the network’s president in March — has attempted to refocus its coverage on sports and away from politics.

I know that a lot of conversation has happened within this company in the past year and I believe that we netted out in the right place, which is we are a sports media company,” Pitaro said.

Last week, ESPN told Sports News that seasoned morning television producer Pete McConville would be joining “Get Up!” as the show continues to struggle.

“[H]ow many times must Keith Olbermann ruin his career before we have to stop seeing him get another shot at ruining his career?

After years of bleeding millions of subscribers, ESPN is attempting to show both its fans and Wall Street that the tide is changing at the network, announcing Thursday that its subscription-only streaming service has crossed one million customers.

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