Donald Trump Mocks ‘Little Ben Sasse’ as ‘Stupid‘ and ‘Obnoxious’

Donald Trump Mocks ‘Little Ben Sasse’ as ‘Stupid‘ and ‘Obnoxious’

President Donald Trump on Saturday ridiculed Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska after a tape of the Republican criticizing the president leaked to the media.

“The least effective of our 53 Republican Senators, and a person who truly doesn’t have what it takes to be great, is Little Ben Sasse of Nebraska,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

In a call with Republican constituents, Sasse criticized Trump for “the way he kisses dictators’ butts” and “ignores” Hong Kong freedom fighters as well as Uyghurs in Chinese concentration camps.

Trump noted that Sasse paused his criticism of the president during the Republican primary in Nebraska until he got Trump’s endorsement.

Trump warned that Sasse was headed the same way as Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, “Liddle’ Bob Corker,” and Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, “the Flake,” both of whom retired rather than ran for reelection.

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