Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says more EU is not the answer

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says more EU is not the answer

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte speaks not only for his own country but also, at least unofficially, for the "Seven Dwarfs" — the joking moniker given to the seven smaller European Union member states that have gathered around the conservative-liberal Dutchman.

The governments of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are as unimpressed with many of the currency and EU reforms proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron this April in Strasbourg as Rutte is.

The comparatively mild reforms proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel have left the Netherlands prime minister cold as well.

The European Parliament, however, has set an aim of increasing the EU budget from current levels of 1 percent of EU member states' economic output to 1.3 percent after the United Kingdom — a net contributor — leaves the bloc.

Throughout the year, heads of state and government from every EU member state are scheduled to deliver keynote speeches at the European Parliament outlining their visions for the future of the bloc.

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