Erdogan Throws Concert to Mark Four Years Since Failed Coup

Erdogan Throws Concert to Mark Four Years Since Failed Coup

Turkish military leaders announced the end of Erdogan’s reign in the late hours of July 15, 2016, taking over the streets of Ankara and Istanbul and announcing they had acted to restore secularist rule in the country.

Erdogan responded by urging his supporters to take the streets and fight their own military — a call enough people answered to subdue the uprising.

Gülen has repeatedly denied any involvement and Turkish officials have failed to put together enough evidence to convince the United States of his involvement, preventing his extradition.

“We were disappointed, and it was hard for us to understand that some countries in Europe and other places instead of taking measures against the terrorists themselves were criticizing the [Turkish] government for taking measures against FETO [Gülenist] terrorists,” Kalin alleged, complaining that foreign governments have rejected many Turkish extradition requests.

Turkish officials reiterated this week that they are seeking over 300 extradition requests all around the world for alleged Gülenists who participated in the failed coup, including 156 people in America.

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