'Fake news' politicised, misinformation more common in India: US expert

'Fake news' politicised, misinformation more common in India: US expert

"I don't use the term fake news anymore because it has become politicised.

I would (rather) talk about the false information that is seeping in," Geysha Gonzalez , associate director for the Eurasia centre at the Atlantic Council , said from Delhi while connecting with students via video chat here.Defining disinformation, misinformation and fake news, Gonzalez explained the Indian scenario.

Now different countries have their own fact checkers in terms of digital tools.

"But in general as journalists, one should find the most (number of) sources for one's information" Geysha remarked.She recommended government intervention that would keep a check on social media as it has become a primary news source for many.

"Government should invest more in education and should apply some media laws that exist in other traditional media to social media platforms," said Gonzalez.Sharing some ways to tackle these problems, she said, "In Mexico , for Whatsapp, they put together a group of media outlets that were fact-checking the elections.

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