Far-right Sweden Democrats top opinion poll in historic shift

Far-right Sweden Democrats top opinion poll in historic shift

According to the latest opinion poll by the Swedish polling company Demoskop, the far-right party -- which has its roots in 1990s neo-Nazi groups -- now has the support of 24 percent of voters.

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Åkesson said that the poll cemented his party's position as the true opposition to the Social Democrat party which has dominated Swedish politics since the 1930s.

Instead of combining the parties into the former four-party Alliance group of Moderates, Christian Democrats, Centre Party and Liberals, Demoskop has now started measuring the combined vote of an emerging conservative bloc.

The Moderates, Sweden Democrats and Christian Democrats now have a combined 49.4 percent, putting them well ahead of the left-liberal bloc of Social Democrats, Green Party, Centre Party and Liberal Party, and close to having a majority.

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