Farage, Hoey, Davis Launch Campaign to Save Brexit

Farage, Hoey, Davis Launch Campaign to Save Brexit

MEP Nigel Farage, Labour MP Kate Hoey, and Conservative former Brexit Secretary David Davis launched the “rebirth of the People’s Army” to stop the “betrayal” of Brexit.

Organised as part of Leave Means Leave’s Save Brexit Campaign, the ‘Stop Brexit Betrayal’ rally in Bolton on Saturday afternoon saw the three Brexiteer heavyweights barnstorm for support of a clean Brexit with a free trade deal over Prime Minister Theresa May’s Chequers plan.

Also speaking was Labour’s MP for Vauxhall Kate Hoey, who, since supporting Brexit has faced threats of deselection from her own party, told the audience that achieving Brexit is “above party politics and my country comes before my party”.

Former Brexit secretary David Davis, who resigned his post in protest at Mrs May’s soft Brexit plan, put to the audience a free trade deal without legal ties to the bloc, saying: “We should only accept a clean and clear Brexit.

“Using just the precedents [of their other free trade deals], the European Union itself has created, we can create the best trade deal in the world,” he added.

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