FCC getting complaints for coverage of Trump's 'shithole countries' remark

FCC getting complaints for coverage of Trump's 'shithole countries' remark

The Federal Communications Commission has received multiple complaints from viewers after some broadcasters did not censor certain expletives as they reported that President Trump reportedly called some nations “shithole countries” during a White House meeting with lawmakers Thursday.

As the lawmakers and Trump discussed a potential bipartisan immigration deal, Trump started to discuss immigration from African nations and reportedly asked why the U.S. is “having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

Many broadcast and print news outlets decided to publish the comments without censoring the expletive, prompting a “handful” of complaints from viewers to the FCC, an FCC spokesman told the New York Daily News.

He did not reveal how many complaints had filtered in or if the FCC will respond in any way.

Although Trump defended himself Friday by tweeting he “never said anything derogatory," some lawmakers who were present at the meeting confirmed Trump's "shithole" comment, while others have said they do not recall the remark.

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