Federal Judge RESCINDS Presidential Permit for Keystone XL Pipeline!

Federal Judge RESCINDS Presidential Permit for Keystone XL Pipeline!

Judge Morris’s 54-page Order overturns the Trump Administration’s approval of the KXL Pipeline and issues an injunction stopping all construction of the tar sands project.

Judge Morris ruled that President Trump violated federal environmental laws when his Administration claimed that the KXL Pipeline was consistent with the public interest.

Judge Morris ruled that approval of the KXL Pipeline violated the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”), and the Administrative Procedure Act because: (1) President Trump disregarded prior factual findings by former Secretary of State John Kerry that the KXL Pipeline would unjustifiably worsen climate change, (2) failed to conduct an adequate survey of Native American cultural resources that would be harmed by the pipeline, (3) failed to provide adequate modeling of potential oil spills and their impacts on water resources, (4) failed to analyze the cumulative effects of this project on greenhouse gas emissions, and (5) failed to address the effects of current oil prices on the viability of the project.

Waniya Locke, People Over Pipelines, Grassroots Of Standing Rock said, “One of Trump’s first presidential acts was to approve the Dakota Access pipeline, subsequently inflicting violence upon our peaceful people.

The order can be read here: Fed Judge Order Against KXL presidential permit

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