Flyover Country's 'Security Blanket' Could Become Coastal Cities' Nightmare

Flyover Country's 'Security Blanket' Could Become Coastal Cities' Nightmare

National reciprocity passed the House on December 6, 2017, and the CBS News warns that passage in the Senate would mandate that the carry permit of any one state be recognized in every state.

They turned to Robyn Thomas, with Gabby Giffords’ gun control group, and Thomas said, “Someone who lives in Nevada, who’s able to carry a loaded, concealed weapon in Nevada could now bring that loaded gun into Los Angeles, into San Francisco, and carry their loaded weapon, even though in San Francisco that’s not someone who would get a permit.”

California is actually a perfect example for why national reciprocity is needed, because law-abiding Californians who demonstrate a lack of criminal record are nonetheless denied a concealed carry permit on grounds that they cannot show “good cause” for having one.

So tools that allow single mothers to fend off “robbers and rapists” in rural America somehow portend a rise in crime if carried into big cities and blue states?

In reality, national reciprocity only poses a threat to the top-down gun control that currently keeps visitors to blue states and big cities disarmed.

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