Global Broadcasters Implicated in FIFA Corruption at Trial

Global Broadcasters Implicated in FIFA Corruption at Trial

Some of the world’s biggest broadcasters, including Fox Sports, Globo and Grupo Televisa SAB, were implicated in corruption of international soccer, with a former sports-marketing executive telling a U.S. jury that they paid bribes to win TV rights for tournaments.

Alejandro Burzaco, the former chief executive officer of sports-marketing company Torneos y Competencias SA, testified that companies he had partnered with, which also included Full Play Argentina and Traffic Group in Brazil, were involved in the bribery.

Burzaco is testifying at a trial of three former soccer executives charged in a wide-ranging international probe of corruption in the sport.

Asked by Assistant U.S. Attorney Sam Nitze what Fox Sports hoped to gain by winning the broadcasting rights, Burzaco replied, "Using the TV rights to expand its Fox signal in all of the Americas from Argentina to the U.S.A."

A former investment banker at Citigroup Inc., Burzaco said he paid millions of dollars in bribes as the head of the sports TV production company, including to the three former South American officials on trial.

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