Gloom-and-Doom Justin Trudeau Warns of ‘Climate Reckoning’ at U.N.

Gloom-and-Doom Justin Trudeau Warns of ‘Climate Reckoning’ at U.N.

Trudeau’s gloomy speech portrayed the world as teetering on the abyss, with “not a big chance, but a chance” to come together through multilateral organizations and save the future.

“We are at this point because of our collective inability, over the past decades, to make the tough decisions and sacrifices needed to fight climate change and save future generations,” he argued.

During one of the passages in his speech where he shifted into French, Trudeau also criticized Myanmar for its mistreatment of the Rohingya Muslims, Belarus for its brutal attempts to suppress protests against a rigged election, China for arbitrarily detaining its citizens, various nations of the world for failing to respect the rights of indigenous peoples, and Lebanon for being Lebanon:

The only way to make things right, the only way to build a better future for our children and grandchildren, is to work together.

By standing up for each other, regardless of the lines drawn on the maps: The Rohingya in Myanmar, the protesters in Belarus, the Lebanese people, citizens arbitrarily detained in China, indigenous peoples, Canada and around the world.

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