Googleism Is the Newest Form of Globalism

Googleism Is the Newest Form of Globalism

On October 4, Vice President Mike Pence delivered an extraordinarily tough speech on China that included some tough words about Google as well.

Coincidentally, on the same day as Pence’s speech, the decidedly anti-Trump Bloomberg News published a story underscoring the Trump-Pence case against China; the report detailed Chinese hacking of top U.S. tech companies.

We know, for example, that Google was strongly supportive of Hillary Clinton in 2016, giving her campaign more than $1.6 million, making Google her largest single source of funds.

Google’s then-executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, personally invested millions to help Clinton; and a Wikileaks e-mail, dated April 2, 2014, showed John Podesta, the campaign’s chairman, writing about Schmidt to the campaign manager, “Clearly wants to be head outside advisor.”

In fact, underneath their partisan biases, flagrant as they might be, there’s a genuinely new kind of ideology emerging among the Tech Lords, including Google.

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