Guam Legislature boasts first woman majority in US history

Guam Legislature boasts first woman majority in US history

And Guam’s senators-elect cross the partisan divide, with three (3) Republican women winning and seven (7) Democratic women claiming victory at the polls.

While pre-count Nevada has reportedly been poised to become first to elect a majority of women to a state legislature on general election day, the unincorporated United States Territory of Guam could actually claim the title of first US legislature to achieve this distinction, following ballot certification.

Democrat Lou Leon Guerrero’s husband, Jeffrey Cook, will be the island’s first “first gentleman” and Leon Guerrero’s running mate, Joshua Tenorio, will be Guam’s first openly gay lieutenant governor.

Voters elected the island’s first female Governor, first openly gay Lieutenant Governor, and, for the first time in the island’s history, women will outnumber men in the Guam Legislature.

According to Senator and Democratic Party Chair Régine Biscoe Lee, “We didn’t win for ourselves, we won for those who wanted change and were willing to work for it.

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