Heilemann: Mass Shootings Are an 'Emergency' -- Trump Misusing Emergency Power 'Grotesque'

Heilemann: Mass Shootings Are an 'Emergency' -- Trump Misusing Emergency Power 'Grotesque'

Heilemann argued the current situation is highlighting that mass shootings are an actual “emergency.”

Heilemann said, “There’s a lot of ways to analyze what happened with Trump today, and we want to focus on this, but you set the backdrop and one of the ways to analyze it, we thought, talk about it as political theater, as empty symbolism, as grotesque, as inappropriate, as setting a bad precedent, as a million different things, but it set so much now in the context of this, however bad this turns out to be, another mass shooting.

I’m looking at the statistics, 323 mass shootings in 2018, 323 mass shootings in 2018, that is nearly one a day in America.

But I’ll tell you that if you listen to the experts who talk about what’s happening on the southern border and look at the number of mass shootings in America, before you go to solutions or anything else, I think we can all look around and say this is an emergency.”

Some people said yes, but a lot more said that’s not an emergency, an emergency is guns, an emergency is climate change, an emergency is the state of our schools, an emergency is health care in America, an emergency is the opioid crisis.

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