Human Rights Groups Prepare Lawsuits Against China for Pandemic

Human Rights Groups Prepare Lawsuits Against China for Pandemic

Human rights website Bitter Winter reported on Wednesday that lawyers are preparing to bring a variety of suits against the government of China for its irresponsible handling of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

In January, Human Rights Watch (HRW) called the CCP an “existential threat” to human rights around the world because its agenda includes relentlessly attacking the human right system.

When HRW executive director Kenneth Roth flew to Hong Kong to deliver this warning in a speech rolling out the 2020 edition of his organization’s human rights report, the Chinese Communists blocked him from entering the city, the first time he has ever been refused entry.

China seeks to undermine the entire global system for protecting human rights because Beijing and its many noxious client states regard human rights as a racket used by Western powers to keep them down.

There are many world governments and international organizations that would be reluctant to let Beijing make an utter mockery of the entire human rights system, thus making other countries more likely to ignore the system and its component institutions as well.

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