IDF strikes "terrorist infrastructure" near Gaza-Egypt border

IDF strikes "terrorist infrastructure" near Gaza-Egypt border

The IDF struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip Saturday, as IAF fighter jets targeted a "terrorist infrastructure" near the Gaza-Egypt border.

Since December, the IDF has been targeting terrorist tunnels inside the Gaza strip with targeted attacks, often in response to rocket fire.

IDF forces are believed to have destroyed four terror tunnels since late October, targeting one in October, one in December, and two in January.

In November, head of the Southern Command Maj.- Gen. Eyal Zamir stated that while the barrier is being built entirely in Israeli territory, “this wall can potentially lead to a dangerous escalation.”In addition to the underground barrier, the IDF also has a new system to detect and destroy tunnels – a collaboration between advanced technology and various engineering, intelligence and ground forces units.Since late October, Israel has discovered two cross-border attack tunnels, one belonging to Hamas and one belonging to Islamic Jihad, inside Israeli territory, and it is likely that the strikes on Thursday targeted one such tunnel belonging to one of the groups inside the Gaza Strip.In addition, three Palestinians who crossed the border fence from Gaza were arrested Saturday evening.Maj.

General Yoav (Poli) Mordechai blamed Hamas for sending young Palestinians to protest on the Gaza border in a tweet Saturday morning, writing, "The Hamas terrorist organization sends young #Palestinian civilians to engage in violent protests on the border of #Gaza, equipping them with Hamas manufactured hand grenades.

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