Interior Department to delay Obama methane rule two years

Interior Department to delay Obama methane rule two years

The Trump administration will announce a two-year delay in implementing a 2016 Obama-era rule intended to curb methane emissions from natural gas drilling on public lands.

The Republican-controlled Senate failed in May to repeal the rule, so the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management is taking action itself, according to a filing in the Federal Register.

The delay comes after energy companies and a major industry group recently announced programs to voluntarily reduce emissions of methane.

The week, the American Petroleum Institute, the largest oil and gas lobbying group in Washington, announced a new program aimed at reducing emissions of methane from oil and natural gas production.

The companies didn't make any specific emissions reductions targets, but they promised to “continually reduce methane emissions; advance strong performance across gas value chains; improve accuracy of methane emissions data; advocate sound policies and regulations on methane emissions; and increase transparency.”

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