Iran says dead environmentalist was part of CIA, Mossad spy network

Iran says dead environmentalist was part of CIA, Mossad spy network

Tehran's chief prosecutor on Tuesday accused a renowned Iranian-Canadian environmentalist who died in prison of being part of an espionage network set up by Mossad and the CIA.

"Defendants in the case, under the guidance of the CIA and Mossad intelligence officers, have pursued a triple mission focused on the environment, infiltrating the scientific community and collecting information from the country's sensitive and vital centres including missile bases," he said, according to the judiciary-linked Mizanonline news agency.

"Members of this network installed cameras in strategic areas under cover of monitoring the environment, while in fact monitoring the country's missile activities," Dolatabadi said.

In November, the conservative-linked Tasnim news agency accused Tahbaz of being a big-game hunter who was trying to seize control of national park land in northern Iran.

"In all cases when there is a suspicious death, a post-mortem is carried out and in this case too a post-mortem was done and then the body was handed over to the family," Payam Derafshan, a lawyer for the family told the ILNA news agency.

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