Iranian cleric?s Germany stay triggers heated social media debate

Iranian cleric?s Germany stay triggers heated social media debate

One Iranian Twitter user named Sam Vaseghi expressed his anger at Germany's inaction, saying: "Gabriel (Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel) arbitrarily gave an assurance to the Iranian government that Shahroudi would return safely to Iran following his medical treatment."

Another user tweeted: "Shahroudi's case shows that there is no safe haven in the world for criminals."

Another user, Ramyar Hassani, who is a Kurdish activist in exile wrote: "European Foreign Policy towards Iran: Begging for the release of its innocent civilians from torture in Iran, meanwhile, providing best medical treatment to Ayatollahs who committed crime against humanity and escorting them back to Tehran."

Facebook user "Hamebaham Iranian" wrote: "Didn't you expect it from Germany?

Some users also wrote sarcastic comments, for instance tweeting an imaginary conversation between Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and his German counterpart Gabriel, in which a deal was struck for the safe return of Shahroudi to Tehran in exchange for German firms receiving commercial favors.

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